Why is this so important? | Hypnosis Quit Smoking

It’s not necessary for you to know that nicotine is a poison, and when combined with tobacco, it is addictive. By quietly adding more of it into their cigarettes, tobacco companies are making sure you don’t quit their product. They made you need their poison more, and you probably didn’t even notice. On the other hand what would it be like for you to discover that the nicotine replacement products like gums; patches etc are also owned by the cigarette companies interesting to wonder how you could be such a loyal customer over the years eh.

quit Why is this so important? | Hypnosis Quit Smoking

Fact: in Australia alone, one in two long term smokers will die an early death from a smoking or a smoking related illness. Medical Doctors around the world have attributed in excess of four hundred and fifty thousand heart attacks each year to smoking, as the heart of a smoker works so much harder, beating up to ten thousand extra beats every day, as it struggles to combat the effects of nicotine on its ability to perform its work on am optimum level. I invite you to imagine some of the damage is restricting, clogging, closing up the arteries and increasing blood-pressure as it strives to deliver oxygenated blood so necessary for the function of the vital organs of your body, the muscles and the brain.

May be you already know that each time you inhale cigarette smoke into your lungs, you introduce into your body in excess of four thousand different chemical compounds, many of them deadly poisons. I don’t even have to mention the chemical fertilizers and the insecticides that are sprayed on the growing tobacco crops remaining to be included in cigarettes and now absorbed into the tissues of your body.

Some people may say that Hypnotherapy by a good hypnotist (not everyone can be a hypnotist just like not everyone can be a good singer or a long distance runner) help you stop smoking by helping you discover and address the subconscious needs for smoking could range from social need, to holding something, to anger, frustration, boredom, fear of putting on weight, to taking some time off to have a break from the worries of the world. In trance state the hypnotist is reinforcing alternative means of meeting those needs that are logical, coherent, in sequence, safe and secure for the subconscious mind to accept without any conscious effort. It is a very common experience for the smoker to discover a means of relaxation during the jitters of nicotine withdrawal as the with drawl is created by the mind and it’s recreated as an experience that can be altered by the mind. Now what’s really important that you are not thinking of right now…yes you! How To Stop Smoking

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