What is Mesmerism

Five simple steps for re-discovering Mesmerism within yourself

What is Mesmerism? How its basic principles are useful in today’s world? What is the relationship between Mesmerism and hypnosis? How can we apply the basic principles of Mesmerism on ourselves?

Mesmerism was born out of the concept of ” lifeforce “.
Even if Franz – Anton Mesmer had theorized it, at the end of 1700, its origins are from a more ancient alchemical tradition.
Lifeforce is within us, independent of richness and exterior appearance.
But its effects are even more tangible.
It is the kundalini, the serpent of life- force of the indian traditions, which rises from sexual chakra, as well as it is the power of the hermetic caducy of the greeks, which can get awakened.

What is called Animal magnetism is a way for restoring energy of vitality, and our natural state of healthy, and at the same time recover our balance and harmony with universe ond others.
The idea is that the illness is a blockage of this energy, and mesmeristic practice helps in unblocking it.

The expression of Animal Magnetism, in our relationships with other people, finds origin in what is also called “personal magnetism”, a faster, natural and more sure way to approach other people.
Personal magnetism can be manifested through gaze (hypnotic gaze), touch (magnetic touch) and voice.

Mesmerism is the father also of what is called hypnosis.
But, while modern hypnosis evolved from mesmerism it is different from it.
As it is normally applied modern hypnosis is mostly intended as putting away the conscious mind through words, while mesmerism acts directly upon exciting the animal mind and restoring its power.

The animal mind is the immutable part under the veil of the civilized mind. more, modern hypnosis is mostly psychological, with theories being such as social compliance and others, while mesmerism is about energy and the fact that the true state of man is what is manifested through the power of animal magnetism while the everyday personality has just utilitaristic scopes.

Mesmerism affirms that the power to heal, the strength and the resistance in the different situations of life, the intuitive and clairvoyant power, are inborn capabilities of the human being. This is showed by the fact that sometimes they can manifest themselves spontaneously.
These capabilities in the contemporary world, are submerged by the thinking patterns and the chattering of our egos.
We can recover them only acceding our true self.

Mesmerism is accentued through the practice of self-remembering. and living in the present.
This practice consists in stopping your internal dialogue.
It will bring you in touch with the original power in the most interior part of yourself that man has, and has forgotten in today’s world. The opening up to the universe is impossible until our energy is drained up by our internal chatter.

We must develop our external immediate perception, a state also called ” presence “.
In presence we overcome the “body-mind” dissociation that makes man apparently different from animals.
When we walk, we feel ourself walking.
When we speak to somebody we listen to our voice.
We try always to remember us of ourselves.
And as we do so, also a new sense of ourselves begins to be present.

These techniques are simply, effective and immediately applicable.
As we will go back to our deep self, striking and immediate fast results can be achieved, and living in this deeper connection with our selves and the others allows also what can seem mind-to-mind communication.
Some people such as master Virgilio Torrizzano and Prof Erminio di Pisa are great examples
Prof. Erminio di Pisa practised it in the form of the “hypnotic gaze” or “fascination” for healing. He was as fast as lightning and he treated up to 300 persons in a single day with long-lasting results.

1 – The first step in rediscovering Mesmerism is to adopt a view of the Universe where man is a part of it.
Mesmer pointed out for example that for reaching this state of mind was easier pointing the attention to big elements,
as the sky, the earth, the rivers and the sea.
Trying to open up to the Nature is the first step. A new I will be opening up.

2 – A second step is understanding how man to man rapport is a matter of sharing.

Sharing is natural and inborn in man. We can see that the more people live in the present and the more they are able to get in touch with their body, emotions and energy the more sharing becomes natural.
Primitive people, as children also do with their parents, share emotions, personal belongings and don’t understand the need of seperatness. And this is another aspect of mesmerism where mind to mind communication take place.

As we magnetise a person, we create a “common space” where emotions and states of mind are transmitted from one to the other. Healing at this stage is very simple, as we must simply permit our subject to get in contact with his true nature.

A very striking application of this principle i when we do “fascination”, where we use what is called “hypnotic gaze”. Gaze is a powerful method of sharing emotions. If we feel something it will immediately transmitted to our subject.
To practice it exercise with a mirror. Stay at about 20 cm from the mirror and fix at the center of your eyebrowns without blinking. At the begin you will be able to stay only a few dozens of seconds without feeling the need to close your eyes. Progressively your gaze will become more steady and you will arrive to be able to stay even 10 minutes without blinking.

We have also a free course on fascination avalaible at mesmerismus_eng@getresponse.com .

3 – A third important step in developing mesmerismus is listening to our intuition and inner voices, and develop them through specific exercises.
In our practice of mesmerismus we have specific rituals, that are a way of educating our right hemisphere, and getting back in contact with some primitive and archetypal symbols that in turn, when energised through proper practices, can help in our evolution.

4 – The fourth step is stopping our internal chattering. Psychic gifts as thelepaty or clairvoyance, manifest at this point so easily in Mesmerism because man get in touch again with something that is his own from ever. We must overcome what has been called the “ego hipertrophy”. Ego hipertrophy is the dominance of the logical and categorizing part of our psyche on the animal part.

It begins right in child. Experiences are registered in the brain. The mind, living what are called Sigificative Emotional Events (SEE) freeze himself in automatic behaviour whose goal is to .
It is the part which our powers of logic, categorization and rationality stem from. It is the “I” inside our heads which makes decisions and plans, deliberates, worries and imagines, and which, most frequently – chatters away randomly to itself, sending an endless stream of memories, images, and thougts through our mind. But primitive men ruled themselves in a different way. They lived in a more perceptive way that we to we must try to rediscover.

5- The fifth step is developing even more our internal energy. Some practical exercises to begin can be done doing breathing exercices twice daily.
Fill completely your lungs, hold your breath for some moments, and after release it, completely emptying your lungs. Repeat one or two times.
Another useful exercise is doing “tension and release” exercises, on different part of the body. Begin by the right arm (excluding the hand), and after release them. Continue with the left arm, the right leg, the left leg. Release should be done slowly.

After some time of this preparatory phase, a new you can begin to be present, and you will feel more sure in your relationships with other.

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